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One of the more common things to help restore the outdoor appearance of your home is when you get your roof cleaned off.

This can greatly impact the overall appeal of your home as moss, algae and general ageing occurs on a roof which can make any house start to look old.

However, there is another feature you can get done on your roof to further boost it.

Yup, that is right. You can get a wide range of tile painting products that can be applied directly to your roof in order to either restore the colour or dramatically change the colour of the roof.

For example, you can get standard black, brown, slate, grey and even terracotta for your roof which can really make it stand out. Well, how is it done? Well lets break it down for you….

Preparation work

First, you need to make sure the roof is thoroughly cleaned off. This begins with either soft washing or hard washing (power washing) the roof to ensure its clean. Make sure you include the guttering in this since a lot of the moss and algae can be left in the gutters leading to other problems later.

Now whilst you wait, you can begin to tape off and seal off any areas which you do not want painted. For example, things like lead flashings around chimneys, brickwork, fascia boards can all get accidentally covered with paint so its better to tape them off to avoid problems.

During this stage of the work, make sure to give the roof a proper visual inspection. Sometimes you can catch problems early such as a slipped tile, cracked tile or you might have noticed some damaged roofing underlay. If you do notice problems, we recommend get a trained professional roofer in Dublin to handle it for you.

Applying the paint

Once everything is taped off, you can begin applying the paint to the roof. This can be done either by hand using a paint brush or by a sprayer. Both have plus and minus attached. With a brush, the work will be slower but generally the protective paint coating you put on will be thicker.

If you are choosing to spray it, make sure to get at least two coats over it, sometimes even 3 are needed to guarantee an even spread of colour and proper thickness.

If you have wooden guttering, fascia or soffits, you can also have these painted. Just make sure they are sanded down beforehand. We do recommend however replacing them with uPVC gutters as the maintenance is significantly lowered. You can learn about guttering styles here.

Once its been painted over, you need to let it dry for a day or so. After that, you are free to remove all the protective taped off areas.

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One of the more common things to help restore the outdoor appearance of your home is when you get your roof cleaned off. This can